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A Family Legacy is a priceless treasure that cannot be replaced. Through organized interviews with senior members of families, share special stories about events, people and moments that defined a family’s history. Pass on your traditions, values and legacies for future generations.



· What you would give to spend time with your parents or grandparents after they've gone?

· How valuable would it be to share your cherished family ancestry and values with your kids and grandkids?


Don't Wait to Capture those Precious Memories

There are so many reasons to record a video legacy sooner rather than later. As we get older, we tend to forget important details. Dementia can begin to set in, taking away our ability to remember. Illness and disease can rob us of precious years and treasured memories.

Don't have regrets about what could have been.
Everyone has a legacy...


Preserve your family's legacy through Professional HD Video Storytelling for your children and grandchildren.

Meet Ulla Przewolka (excerpts from Spokane Video Legacy) from Bruce Felt on Vimeo.

Preserve Your Family Legacy Today!


The Process

The interviews are conducted with professional sound, lighting and camera work then produced in a compelling, organized storytelling fashion that's easy to follow. These entertaining and heartwarming stories will be seen over and over, shared by generations to come.

  • Pre-Production interview to determine which Legacy Plan best fits your needs and budget, including a subject list of story ideas for the production interview.
  • Production: Interview with the person or couple on camera for 1-2 hours of storytelling.
  • Post-Production: The interview is edited and compiled into a completed video package.
  • Optional: Photos, home video, music, graphics, etc. may be submitted for insertion in your Legacy video for an additional cost.
  • The final Legacy video is digitally transferred onto HD DVD, with chapters and menus for easy viewing.

The process is simple. The result is powerful!